The bustools GitHub repository is Currently, bustools can be built on Linux, Mac, Rock64 (ARM) and Windows. If building on Mac, we suggest using a package manager such as Homebrew to download dependencies. Homebrew is easily installed by copying and pasting the command below at a terminal prompt:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Other dependencies are included, or can be installed using package managers on the system. Instructions for building bustools from source without a package manager are identical to kallisto, and can be found here.


  • A 64-bit operating system
  • g++ version >= 4.8
  • CMake version >= 2.8.12
    • Mac: brew install cmake
    • Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install cmake
    • CentOS: sudo yum install cmake

Installation from source

Download bustools with

git clone

Navigate to the bustools directory

cd bustools

Make a build directory and move there:

mkdir build

cd build

Run cmake:

cmake ..

Build the code:


The bustools executable is now located in build/src. To install bustools into the cmake install prefix path type:

make install